FCW December 2013 front pageWelcome to the Firecracker Forum December-January edition.

Winter vacation is the perfect time to lie in and snooze—but have you ever wondered what this sleep thing is all about? Our sleep science article looks into the what’s and why’s of shut-eye.

It’s a sad fact of life that wherever there’s money, you’ll also find crime. That’s even true on Wall Street. Read this month’s finance article for the 411 on some classic stock scams. And don’t forget our regular world news and brain challenge—plus, there’s a special look back to some of the top news stories of the past year! 

Finally, what is beauty? A smiling face? A butterfly wing? Would you believe a number? Find out about Phi, a mysterious number that for thousands of years artists and philosophers have believed contains the secret of perfect proportion. 

That’s all in December’s issue of Firecracker Forum!