Our program is based on the best traditions and classical methods of teaching mathematics. We introduce and explore math concepts and problem-solving techniques. Students develop a love for math as they learn how to apply reasoning skills and logical thinking to all aspects of their studies. Read more

Firecracker Academy sponsors the Russian Immersion and Music Program Read More

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Winter break Math Camp                                                                    Firecracker Math offers a 3-day program that combines math lessons with fun activities and games. Camp dates: Dec 22-24 More info

Math in Motion: Introduction to Calculus                              Can an arrow reach its destination if it must first pass through an infinite number of points in between? How fast is a ball you throw going at the peak of its path? Is it possible to add up infinitely many numbers? These and other questions are the focus of calculus More info

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Firecracker ForumFC April 2014 FRONT PAGE The next issue of the Firecracker Forum newspaper is coming out on December 15th. More info